The Many Hats of Avi Weisfogel

In a world of uncountable opportunities and the ability to take everything the world has to offer, there is no saying anymore that people can only choose to be one thing. Avi Weisfogel proves that with his many ventures and achievements. Of those, his work in sleep apnea studies, his charity work, and his love of all things through social media set him apart from just your ‘average dentist.’


Weisfogel’s passion for teeth has always been a motivator for everything he does. In fact, it has even influenced  his dating life! Such a passion is exactly what was needed to not only fuel his dentistry career, but also further along his studies in sleep apnea and oral appliances. After many years of working to reach patients through his practice, Avi finally founded his organization Dental Sleep Masters. With the additional support, he and his colleagues have been able to change lives and help those with sleep apnea issues, giving people the rest they needed and never had before.


Without such a surgery, these children could grow up to have multiple health issues as well as struggle socially. Avi Weisfogel has a Go Fund Me Account that raises money for the work and cause of Operation Smile. Without his support, many of the children would not be helped and would suffer for life in many ways.


Avi Weisfogel’s social media presence is where a different side of him is seen. While his profession and charity work are the more serious side of him, his social media streams show what is fun about Avi. Through his various accounts, it is seen that he has a love for movies, music, and current events. His active Twitter excites conversation about many different topics while his Tumbler account shares many articles of interest. With a love for the Cleveland Browns and Star Wars, a dentist who can connect with his patients about the NFL or pop culture will always be a one who can relate to all.

How Eric Pulier made it to the top of the corporate ladder

Eric is the founder and CEO of ServiceMesh, Inc. He founded the company with the aim of offering clients both internal and external with IT solutions. Before he founded the current company, he was working with Computer Services Corporation as a Cloud Manager.

Eric is from Teaneck in New Jersey. His interest in computers started when he was a little boy. As a matter of fact, by the time he was in the fourth grade, he was doing basic level programming to the older computer models. When he joined high school, he started his own computer services company. After graduating high school, he was admitted into Harvard as English and Literature Major. He however, managed to register for classes at MIT because he carried his passion for technology with him. He graduated with honors from both institutions.

Eric tried a few odd jobs before he decided to move to California. It is here that he started his own company. The aim of his company was to find solutions to the problems which are common in Education, healthcare provision and related businesses. He worked with this outfit for about three years before he started Digital Evolution. Digital evolution is an interactive agency. Away from business, he is very active in entrepreneurship, which is why he started the StarBright community. This is a forum that helps terminally ill kids come together and encourage one another by sharing their experiences.

He has been recognized as a force within the digital revolution. He was part of the 1997 Al Gore forum that focused on the relationship between health care and technology. He was the advisor to the Vice president on technology and healthcare and was also involved in the Clinton Foundation.

He is also an author of several books, including Understanding Enterprise. His style of leadership in business and level of innovation makes him a force to reckon with in the industry.

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How To Bet The Weird Rams And Panthers Game

Last year, betting on the Carolina Panthers against the St. Louis Rams was a sure thing: the Panthers almost had a perfect regular season and, beyond the Super Bowl, were strong contenders in the playoffs. However, the St. Louis Rams are now in Los Angeles and have a better record than Carolina. How in the world do you beat the spread in Super Bowl odds during a game like this?

The Background Of The Game
Only one year removed from a nearly perfect regular season and dominating performances in the playoffs, Carolina’s record is a shocking 2-5. Quarterback Cam Newton has been having a career-worst year with a completion percentage of just 57 percent and a passer rating of 80.7. Although they looked strong against Arizona last week, they’ve looked inept otherwise.

Los Angeles appeared to start their relocated season strongly after going 3-1 in their first four games. This was much better than was expected from this team, especially as two of their wins came against tough teams in Seattle and Arizona. However, they have dropped three against three relatively weaker teams: Buffalo, Detroit, and the New York Giants.

The Spread
The wildly variant level of play from these two teams has made this a really hard game to pick. This is especially true considering how inconsistent they’ve been in the betting world.

The Rams are currently 1-7 SU and ATS through the last eight games. However, the Panthers are 6-1 ATS in their last seven games against the Rams. That said, the current spread shows a 26-21.8 Rams win with an average 2-3 point spread.

Beating The Spread
Such a tepid spread isn’t exactly tough to beat. All Carolina has to do is win by more than three or four points to beat the spread.

For example, there have already been two ties in the NFL this season. This is unusually high for the league: could two struggling teams like the Rams and Carolina actually do something silly like this? Don’t rule it out completely because your spread is destroyed if it happens.

Final Thoughts
Don’t bet too highly on this one. Both teams have proven themselves too inconsistent to expect a wild blowout from either side. If Carolina could return to its glory days of 2015, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them pull off a huge win.

However, as Cam Newton’s sloppy play continues to plague the team, it’s a good idea to either skip this game or bet low on the Rams and expect a small payoff.