Get to Know James Dondero

James Dondero, to say the least, is a philanthropic man. As the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management located in Dallas, Dondero is well known both locally and abroad. A long-time proponent of healthcare and education initiatives in his community, he also has proven his loyalty to the veterans. As a successful manager in the investment field, he partnered with The Dallas Foundation to start the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. Through that partnership, Dondero has broadened his philanthropic mission such places as the Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum, and The Bush Presidential Library.

Dondero has apparently mastered the philanthropic arts with his years of expertise on managing multi-year initiatives. At the moment, his annual philanthropic budget is over $3 million. This level of philanthropic activity is crucial to non-profits who sometimes rely on these types of sustainable donations. It seems that Dondero prides himself on staying true to his North Texas roots since the majority of his philanthropic work remains in that area. This is despite the fact that Dondero’s business dealings are largely international. Though his business has a broad range, he vets his options carefully. He takes the time to look into the companies he is going to work with, or donate to, in order to be sure there exists an actionable plan for that company’s mission.

Though his work is admirable, James Dondero frequently acknowledges the work of those around him. Linda Owen and Mary Jalonick are both close allies of his that he respects greatly and admits are important pieces of the philanthropic puzzle.


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