Critics of President Nicolas Maduro Marched Through Caracas Demanding A Recall According To Deputy José Manuel González

Protestors that want to throw Nicolas Maduro out on his unqualified ear came prepared to do battle with police in Caracas recently, according to National Assembly Deputy José Manuel González. González is the Deputy of the National Assembly in Guárico, and he is concerned that the protest against Maduro’s government is getting smaller because of the presence of the military. Maduro enlisted the help of the military to dispense food, according to a government statement, but the real reason was to put down protest demonstrations that are now common in all the major cities in Venezuela. The middle-class in Venezuela have turned into rioters that are searching for food, robbing to eat, and fighting to survive. In Guárico, farmers are losing their farms, and business owners are having their shops closed by the government. The Maduro government is trying to stop the recall petition, but José Manuel González said the people want the process to continue.

Venezuela is experiencing the aftershocks of poor government leadership and no money. Chavez did a lot for the people while he was president, according to José Manuel González, but he didn’t save any money for the future, and Nicolas Maduro is not smart enough to ask for help. Instead, Maduro blames the country’s problems on oil prices and imperialistic sabotage. José Manuel González said the people in his state don’t want violence, but unless Maduro removes himself from office, there will be more bloodshed.

Venezuela’s economy will contract by 8.1 percent in 2016 after a 5.7 contraction in 2015. Inflation is running more than 450 percent, and it could go as high as 1,600 percent in 2017, according to Mr. González. González and other opposition politicians are calling for help from other countries, but Maduro refuses to ask for help. People are starving, and medical supplies are limited. Electricity is at a premium and diapers, and toilet paper are scarce.

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  1. The people of Venezuela need outside help, according to González, and he is doing his part to make that happen. González has connections in other countries thanks to his agriculture business. It is so cool for rush my essays to have stood beside him for a long time.

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