Critics of President Nicolas Maduro Marched Through Caracas Demanding A Recall According To Deputy José Manuel González

Protestors that want to throw Nicolas Maduro out on his unqualified ear came prepared to do battle with police in Caracas recently, according to National Assembly Deputy José Manuel González. González is the Deputy of the National Assembly in Guárico, and he is concerned that the protest against Maduro’s government is getting smaller because of the presence of the military. Maduro enlisted the help of the military to dispense food, according to a government statement, but the real reason was to put down protest demonstrations that are now common in all the major cities in Venezuela. The middle-class in Venezuela have turned into rioters that are searching for food, robbing to eat, and fighting to survive. In Guárico, farmers are losing their farms, and business owners are having their shops closed by the government. The Maduro government is trying to stop the recall petition, but José Manuel González said the people want the process to continue.

Venezuela is experiencing the aftershocks of poor government leadership and no money. Chavez did a lot for the people while he was president, according to José Manuel González, but he didn’t save any money for the future, and Nicolas Maduro is not smart enough to ask for help. Instead, Maduro blames the country’s problems on oil prices and imperialistic sabotage. José Manuel González said the people in his state don’t want violence, but unless Maduro removes himself from office, there will be more bloodshed.

Venezuela’s economy will contract by 8.1 percent in 2016 after a 5.7 contraction in 2015. Inflation is running more than 450 percent, and it could go as high as 1,600 percent in 2017, according to Mr. González. González and other opposition politicians are calling for help from other countries, but Maduro refuses to ask for help. People are starving, and medical supplies are limited. Electricity is at a premium and diapers, and toilet paper are scarce.

Keith Mann Is Praised For His Entrepreneurial Success Of Raising Proceeds

The New York Post did a recent article on New York based entrepreneur and director of Dynamics Search Partners Keith Mann. Keith Mann has been recognized with other members of financial services for raising a substantial amount of money. He raised over $200,000 dollars for the Uncommon charter school. His goal is to contribute o the future leaders of tomorrow and invest in their future. The funds were raised to assist the students in testing for the current school year. He works closely with low income students in preparation for college. Mann was the actual organizer of the fundraising event for Uncommon.

Often times, low income students don’t get the testing preparation and assistance they need for college. Mann raises money for their preparation on perspective graduation. He proudly advocates for anyone interested in attending college. Keith Mann goes on to say that many minorities don’t finish college because they didn’t receive the proper preparation post high school, says the New York Post. Mann understands the importance of passing on practical skills that will help individuals at a college level and beyond. He has been highly regarded by the community for generously donated to the New York based charter school.

Keith Mann has been working for over 16 years as a superior expert in the executive search industry. Mann is the current CEO of DSP and runs the day to day management of the firm. He works with other firms across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He is quickly becoming a global success for international educational opportunities. He mandates well over 200+ clients each year and has a successful internal strategy that helps him build lasting professional relationships. He also has experience in the private equity industry.  He is well liked among his peers and many students across the globe for being an active contributor to the future success. Visit the official LinkedIn website profile for Keith Mann for more information.

Why Choose The Midas Legacy For Wealth Advisory

Are you in need of reliable advice on wealth management or financial services? Do you want to start a business, grow your investment portfolio or build wealth? May be you have read about many others who benefiting from the services of The Midas Legacy.

There is a wide range of wealth managers, financial advisory firms, financial planners and money management experts out there.

Selecting a financial advisor or wealth management advisor is an important decision that will have a great impact on your family’s wealth and peace of mind. If you are seeking the services of a professional advisor, there are several factors you need to consider.

Trust and reputation matter greatly, and should be on your top considerations. You will be entrusting this professional with your most confidential financial and personal information and relying on their company to help secure your financial future.

When it comes to financial services or investing in any opportunity, it is important to consult professionals who have a good understanding of the process involved in reaching your goal. Getting wealth advisory is not something to be taken lightly. You need to do your research first, then choose a proven company.

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Making The Most out of Your Online Reputation: The Case for The Search Fixers


It’s true that virtual search has taken over every aspect of life from the ongoing search for the best doctor to the once in a while search for a new outfit. It’s also true that if you’re not in the “front lines” of a web search than you’re non- existent to the mobile carrying public. Understandably there is much competition to get to the top of web search results. You need to make the most out of your online reputation and not be sidelined by negative or non-existent web search results.

Cheryl Connor recently sat down with Don Sorensen, owner of the Big Blue Robot to talk about how individuals can increase their presence online successfully. She cites 9 online reputation managment tools that can be done without the need to hire an online marketing or reputation company. The most important component to remember before starting online reputation management is that you must be proactive with your advertising and your message.

If you are proactive at the very beginning, it will be easier for you to maintain your online presence. You also need to be socially active on a number social media sites in order to get the word out about your products and services. It is important that you have a good handle on what your customers are saying about you and your company so you don’t end up having to fix bad reviews.

Perils of Not Monitoring and a Fix
Yet it is almost imperative that you are monitoring those sites for a number of reasons. Once you have done the hard work of promoting your company online, a bad review or inaccurate information can ruin you. The Search Fixers can help. Their team of online reputation management consultants is dedicated to helping you fix problems online and restore your company’s reputation.

How do they do this internet reputation repair? The Search Fixers will help you automate your content, clean up inaccuracies and help you put a positive spin on negative reviews and citations so you can fix negative search results. They will actively monitor websites and social media for you to ensure that positive messages are reaching your potential customers.

Online reputation management services can help you manage reviews, create good eye catching SEO and provide peace of mind. You should consider this service essential to your online reputation management.