Medicare Managed Plans as a Medicare Alternative

InnovaCare Health provides sustainable, cost-effective treatment models for patients that utilize the best practices in advanced medical technology. President Rick Shinto, MD has designed a program that seeks to redefine health care through a strong focus on the relationship between provider and patient.

This makes them natural partners for the two leading Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico, MMM Healthcare Inc., and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. Between them, these two accredited plans have a network of over 7,500 providers serving their members.

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Medicare Advantage Plans offer some benefits over original Medicare plans. Most Medicare patients are eligible to choose between Medicare Advantage plans or the original Medicare coverage. Under Medicare Advantage plans, a private company, subsidized by the federal government, will provide insurance and managed care services for the patient.

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In many cases, this leads to advantages for the patient who can engage with private companies with specialized management expertise. Research suggests higher levels of preventive care are available through Medicare Advantage plans than in the original Medicare package. Many Advantage plan providers offer dental and vision care that isn’t offered by traditional Medicare, making them natural partners for InnovaCare Health.

Original Medicare plans were split into Part A and Part B, where Part A provided for in-hospital care (other than pay to physicians) and Part B provided for physician care and all other out patient medical treatment. Medicare Advantage plans provide Part A and Part B under the same plan, simplifying bureaucratic processes for patients. It allows patients to obtain customer-focused care from private companies that treats both medical and mental health needs.

InnovaCare’s Chief Administration Officer, Penelope Kokkinides has over two decades of experience managing federal health care plans. In her current role she ensures that InnovaCare provides the highest quality of care to Medicare Advantage patients as well as others in the provider network. Since Medicare Advantage plans are federally subsidized, plan providers must ensure they meet the same plan provisions as the Medicare alternative and that out-of-pocket costs do not exceed set limits. Medicare Advantage plans at InnovaCare Health are an excellent option for holistic care for patients.

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