Meet Randal Nardone a Man with a Big Heart for Business

Entrepreneurs don’t get into the business world because it’s easy. Most of them know the stiff competition ahead of them, but this doesn’t change their mind from what they intend to accomplish. Instead of running away from the competition, strong-hearted entrepreneurs devise some ways to survive the competition and still thrive. Randal Nardone opted to take this route when he was starting his own company. Having been in the finance sector for several years, Randal knew he had to make it no matter the severity of the competition. He had to stick to the positive improvements he intended to introduce even if the conditions may have dictated otherwise.  The expertise and knowledge he acquired were not in vain. Time had come for him to exercise them in his new endeavor at Fortress Investment Group.

As the CEO of Fortress Group, Randal has created an impressive impression for the company. The company would not have developed and grown without his intervention. The clients of this company have realized a notable change from the time Randal Nardone took over as the chief executive officer. Every contribution Randal has made to the company is notable. He is among the selfless and ambitious executive leaders who ever worked at Fortress Investment Group along with others like Wes Edens.  Someone may be skilled and experienced. However, demonstrating those skills and expertise is another thing. Randal was not only skilled and experienced, but he was also able to demonstrate it. As a professional financial expert, he had acquired incredible experience in business management and financial affairs.

Without these two qualities, the business doesn’t stand. He has proved who he is throughout any of the positions he ever held. The things he had implemented in the company have been of great significance in every facet. Randal Nardone believes a successful career transforms the lives of others and not the career holder alone.Randal has come to discover different companies face different financial hitches. Solving these issues is what matters most. He says how you solve financial problems in a business determines whether the clients would go or stay. Randal had developed interests in the law field, and he even got a degree and master’s degree in law. He later worked in different law firms. While still working in these law firms, Randal Nardone realized he could interlink the legal issues with the financial field. This is how he developed interests in business and eventually switched into the financial industry.

Ryan Seacrest: Inspiration and Philanthropist

Many people know Ryan Seacrest as the pop culture icon who hosts various events. However, he has a story that is very inspirational. One thing that can be said about him is that he has achieved a lot. Another thing that can be said is that he is an example of someone with a work ethic. However, one thing to look at about Ryan Seacrest is the foundation he has set up for helping others. He has a foundation known as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is dedicated to helping today’s youth with the use of entertainment and education based programs.

One of the common occurrences when it comes to people who have gained a lot of fame and fortune is that they look for ways to give it back. They don’t just express a desire to help others. They actually look into ways that they can help others. This is one thing that Ryan Seacrest, tv and radio show host and producer, has done to help others. One of the most encouraging aspects of Ryan Seacrest’s life is that he has overcome challenges from when he was a child. This encourages people to move forward with any goals they may have. This also lets people know that they are able to achieve what they put their mind to.

One of the inspiring aspects of his life is that he recalls a time back in his life when he was a chubby child. He has dealt with all of the consequences that come with carrying a little excess weight, especially since this was back before people became more accepting of larger people. He remembers how he has felt when he was heavier. He works very hard in order to keep the weight off and keep his body sculpted. Ryan Seacrest has shown that even people who have a history of being heavier can become one of the most admired people in society.

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Why a Job Should Not Be The End Goal for Financial Freedom and How Richard Dwayne Blair Can Help With Financial Goals

While a lot of people put a lot of weight on finding a job, there is one secret that people need to know if they want to be able to make a life for themselves in a successful manner. One thing that they need to know is that a job is not going to do anything for them in the long run in the new economy. As a matter of fact, a job was more or less to be thought about as a stepping stone to another goal which is often starting a business or getting making some good investments.

Richard Dwayne Blair knows that it is almost impossible for people to save money with a regular job. Another thing he understands is that there is no such thing as job security. Richard wants to help people create their own security. While it is not going to be the type of job security they hope for in some cases, it can work well for them in the long run. He gets his clients to look into ways that they can be entrepreneurs so that they can increase their financial security. Another thing Richard Dwayne Blair encourages his clients to do is look at multiple ways they can increase their income.

While it is a good thing to have a job, one thing to understand is that a job is not guaranteed. Another important thing to consider is that an employee is stuck with a certain amount of money no matter how hard he works. Meanwhile, an entrepreneur is going to be paid according to his choices and diligence. Richard Dwayne Blair often recommends that people find some type of work that can earn them a lot of money according to productivity. Then find some kind of way to invest it so that they can save for retirement.

William Saito’s Focus Pushes him into Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Success is often handed to people who strive to acquire it. Whether it is about staring a boutique business or establishing a career path, it is often vital for an individual to focus on following their passion. When thinking about what is required to be successful and perhaps have some drive in working hard, persistence, intellect as well as discipline also come up. Such are the traits that William Saito has worn since he was a toddler. Following his passion for technology, Saito who grew up in the busy city of CA, always wanted to understand the science behind the functioning of different gadgets. As such, when in school, he participated in major technological challenges that contributed to his success in a big way. At the same time, when he turned ten, he knew that he was heading to the right direction where he could venture into technology. When he joined college, he established a company that was strictly computer based and called it I/O Software. Because the company registered impressive performance, Saito was approached by Microsoft with a buyout deal. Thereafter, he sold it and focused on developing other businesses.

Background Check

Perhaps Saito has been good in technology because he had supportive parents. For instance, his father always invested in his education. In fact, in one instance, he was asked to get his son a personal computer so that Saito could sharpen his skills not only in technology but mathematics as well. At that juncture, the era of computer advancement had just hit the ground. Therefore, Saito was one of the pioneer users of personal computers.

The Observation

Saito is a brilliant tech guru. Seeing that he had accomplished so much at a tender age, he started working on his career in cyber security. For that reason, he was appointed to serve in various high profile positions including in the government where he served as a senior tech advisor. As an entrepreneur, Saito advises young emerging business professionals to focus on their passion and work on developing their talents as well. As for him, succeeding was easy because he concentrated on what would later build his career. He has rightfully earned his position in the community as a team leader and role model to young people.

NGP VAN the Change Democrats will Need For A Sure Win

NGP VAN, a software organization, situated in Washington, D.C., is responsible for equipping right tools for the organizing and raising funds for the primary progressive and Democratic campaigns such as Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaign. Other beneficiaries of this organization include Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in 2016. This organization apart from providing the technological know-how, it also comprises organizing, fundraising, and social networking podiums for the local governments, nonprofits as well as other organizations.

The organization’s reliable smartphone app called MiniVAN assist campaign volunteers with a door-to-door tarmacking type of data entry. Instead of using the outdated paper methods of tarmacking, voters enter required data into the easily downloadable app as well as assist in the collection of funds for the nonprofit associations. The app recently launched a new tool by the name “Street Team Canvassing” described as “a tool for the resistance” by Amanda Coulombe, the general manager of NGP VAN. This new tool gives volunteers and campaign field planners a platform for collection of new names as well as contact details of the voters at political events. This means that any organization with the aim of building their voter or user base can quickly make use of the app in the collection of participant’s details insignificant events, for example, the March for Science and the DC Women’s March.


The app assists in rapid information collection especially after the addition of Social Advocacy tool, which effectively encourages Democratic activism sand mobilizes their voter base. Social media, targeted advertisements, and text messaging may make a significant impact for the Democrats in the 2018 elections, and NGP VAN has taken care of all of them.


The NGP VAN’s application could be a game changer for the Democrats leading to a win in the coming 2018 Senate and House races. Each seat is up for reelection in the House of Representatives including most of the Senate posing a challenge for the Democrats and an opportunity to turn Congress blue during the Trump era. The Campaigns & Elections recently acknowledged NGP VAN in the 2018 CampaignTech Awards for most outstanding organization culture.


Digital grassroots organizing is shaping the future and lacking understanding of these crucial campaign technological strategies; campaigns will without a doubt fail. NGP enlightens Democrats in these vital times by embracing the force of the web tools, information and big data from the other sites to provide top analytic tools possible.

Sightsavers Helps Save The Sight Of The Elderly In Uganda

People in the age range of sixty five and older are more at risk for eye disease than other age groups. Many elderly people suffer from failing eyesight, but do not have the resources to get treatment for their problem. They sometimes feel that their situation is hopeless with no help available to them. In Uganda, the government is preparing to assist older people who have eye diseases. They have partnered with several other agencies to bring help to elderly people with eye disease so that they can be recommended for surgery or medication.

The new initiative was launched in May, and includes partners like Sightsavers, and other development partners. Spear heading the the list of organizations is the Ugandan government’s Expanding Social Protection Program. These entities have identified those over the age of 65 as being at the highest risk for diseases like cataracts, and trachoma. While they are collecting their pensions, the elderly can now get free eye exams. This is a service provision of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust’s Trachoma Initiative, and also Sightsaver’s Coordinated Approach To Community Health Program. The entire program initiative is funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development. This collaborative venture will offer the opportunity to reach and treat those who have not been able to get the medical attention that they need.

Sightsavers is an international organization that works to eliminate blindness, and other avoidable eye diseases. They also promote the rights of all people with disabilities, regardless of their age. They advocate for people with disabilities to be able to participate in social activities and events. Sightsavers works in some of the poorest areas of the world, diagnosing and treating eye problems, and some other conditions. They want people with disabilities to be able to learn from others, and earn the opportunity to be happy, and become productive citizens.

The Ugandan effort has successfully helped thousands of people already, who have accepted the surgeries, and changed their lives. The government is also intending to reduce any poverty that is related to aging by providing the elderly with a social pension, or senior citizen grant, to all of it’s residents over the age of 65. This pension will be available to citizens aged 60 and over in the poorest region of Uganda, Karamojo. Sightsavers has the interest of all impoverished people at the helm of all of their involvements.


Advertising Media- NewsWatch Television

Avanca recently conducted a crowdfunding campaign to receive funds for their Ockel Sirius B Pocket Pc which is one of their products. When organizing the campaign, the firm aimed to raise atlist $10000 for a period of 30 days. The campaign was being conducted on Indiegogo and the firm made sure that their campaign was heavily promoted because according to an Indiegogo campaign must it run for thirty days or the money received will not be accepted by the company. To meet their target, Avanca had to hire NewsWatch services to produce and air a segment for their promotional purposes. NewsWatch helped Avanca to air the advertisement on their online channel as well as their Television channel.

The Indiegogo campaign conducted by Avanca was a success as the organization was able to raise $456551 achieving about 2939%. In the 30 days period through the campaign, Avanca was able to exceed their expectation by raising 29 times of the planed money. According to Nathaniel Van Wijkvliet who is Avanca’s Marketing Director said with the help of NewsWatch they were able to reach and even exceed their target. The advertisement segment for Avanca aired by NewsWatch was able to reach over 86 million households, as well as watched by more than 200 United States of America markets.

NewsWatch is an American media company which was established in 1992. The media firm can as well be described as an award-winning television show. The media firm was created as a monthly program with a major purpose of airing financial information. The organization expanded and it became a leading television show focusing on a broad range of issues including traffic news, politics, health issues, as well as celebrity news among others. NewsWatch operates from their Head Offices located in Washington D.C as well as other locational offices in Denver,Co, Fairfax, VA, as well as New York.

Waiakea: More Than Water

People are urged to drink water. However, people also know that they need more than water. For one thing, they need to make sure that they are getting other nutrients along with water. As a matter of fact, if they are only drinking water and not getting any other nutrients, then it is going to bring forth some side effects. This is one of the reasons that people need to make sure that they are getting water from Waiakea. This brand of bottled water has the electrolytes that are needed to not only maintain function but also make sure that one is getting the right amount of electrolytes.

Waiakea offers people electrolytes that are gathered from the rocks that it filters through. These electrolytes give water its great taste. People enjoy the pure and refreshing taste they get when they drink Waiakea. This lets them know that they are getting the true refreshment that is missing from other bottled water brands. The best part is that the electrolytes give people a lot of energy so that they will be able to function better. The electrolytes are not cancelled out by any sugar like in Gatorade.

There is another aspect of Waiakea that makes it a water brand that is worth drinking. This aspect is its pH level. Waiakea has an adequate pH level. Other water companies have a low pH level which makes it acidic. One of the dangers of drinking acidic beverages is that it can put the body in an acidic condition which will leave it vulnerable to advanced stages of cancer. A body that is closer to alkaline levels can more easily fight off any bad elements that can bring it danger. Drinking Waiakea can also reduce the effects of aging so that people can thrive more.

Academy of Art University – Education and More

History and Accreditation

The Academy of Art University in California, previously called the Academy of Art College, has degree and certificate programs in multiple areas in the fine arts. The school was founded by Richard S. Stephens back in 1929 as an advertising art school. It is a renown art and design school here in the U.S. The AAU is accredited by the association of schools and colleges by the Western Association of Schools.

Growth and Academics

Under the innovative leadership of Elisa Stephens, the school has grown to more than 18,000 students. In addition, The Academy of Art University is an avid participator in the New York Fashion week since the early 2000’s. The school has programs that range from interior architecture to visual arts, with undergraduate, graduate, and certification plans. Students can attend classes via online or on campus.

While attending the Academy of Art University, students have art exhibitions and other engaging student activities. The school highly encourages for students to stay on campus to take advantage of all these opportunities. In addition, students get educational teachings from some of the top professionals in their areas of expertise. Some of those professionals/instructors include: Adam Savage, Diane Baker, and many others.

Additional Information

The university has an amazing automobile museum that is owned and operated by them. The Academy of Art University Automobile Museum has over 200 vintage cars in their possession. The museum has some of the most rare and expensive cars in their collection totaling millions. In addition, if athletics is of interest; the schools has a track and field team. Their Men’s cross country team placed second in the Pacific West Conference Championships.

The Academy of Art University has many opportunities to offer their students. Attending their university will give graduates a heads up on the industry due to their activities and instructor’s. I’m sure some of the alumni will agree, such as Raven Symone and Heidi Montag just to name a few. Surely the school will continue to churn out future entertainers in the industry.


Malcolm CasSelle is the Worldwide Asset exchange president and OPSkin’s CIO. CasSelle was born on March 22nd in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the united states. Malcolm has a computer science bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from MIT and the University of Stanford respectively. He is eloquent in both Mandarin and Japanese.

Before joining WAX, he served at Tronic, Inc as the new ventures president and CTO. He had also served at Digital Media International of sea exchange as its General Manager and Vice President. In 2005, Malcolm CasSelle served as the Chief Executive Officer of SeaExchange International and was part the Timeline Labs company acquisition.

Malcolm CasSelle served in many digital industries where he led startups before joining SeaExchange. He served at Media Pass, which is a leading solution to a digital subscription to many media firms, Xfire, which is a social gamer network with over twenty-two million subscribers and Groupon’s which is now a joint venture with Tencent, a China company. Malcolm CasSelle is an active investor in companies like Zynga, Facebook and has recently ventured into investing in the Bitcoin industry.

The WAX company was established to provide solutions on issues relating to fraud and fragmentation in the cybernetic asset bazaar. It does this via a widget that is block-chain enabled its users to instantly sell or buy virtual commodities without snapping off their game. Most trading ecosystems have major problems both locally and regionally related to language, security and even payment processing. To contain the fragmented market, the blockchain. WAX is pioneering a blockchain application to eSport which will, in turn, allow sellers and buyers to trade their assets freely without any fear of fraud. The introduction of WAX Token will solve the Forex problem since it has a common gaming currency for all gamers. The WAX Tokens will serve as stored value and will enable the purchase of in-game products and as a shrewd contract in all trades. It will eliminate the monetary problems encountered in the current consignment-based bazaar model by establishing a sellers and buyers pool that will enable them to have access to a worldwide supply of virtual products in a decentralized marketplace.

Malcolm is positive that this gaming industry will rekindle the cryptocurrency world to the mainstream.